Is it Safe to Keep a Pet in the Garage?

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Homeowners with pets sometimes wonder whether it’s safe to keep their furry friends in the garage. With more space to play and spread out, it has the potential to be a great place for your animals to play and rest. At the same time, you get peace of mind knowing they aren’t wreaking havoc in the house while you’re away.Precision Garage - Is it Safe to Keep a Pet in the Garage

So, what’s the hesitation? The truth is that the garage can be a great place to keep your pets, but not before you pet-proof it and implement some rules. Here are a few quick things to think about:

  1. Animal Safety – You’ll want to remove or lock up any common garage chemicals, such as fuel cans, oil, anti-freeze. Insect sprays, mice poison, and other similar products can be hazardous to a curious animal. You should also clean and wash down any surfaces with slicks or chemical residue. Shelving with tools and loose items should be secured and kept out of reach, preferably in some sort of locked cabinet or bins that can’t be forcibly opened or chewed through.
  2. Garage Safety – Remember to protect the garage door, tracks, photo eye sensors, cables, etc. If possible, prevent access to the door and its components to avoid damage due to gnawing, chewing, or other destructive activities that some animals are prone to do.
  3. Temperature – Under the California sun, garages can become sweltering heat traps. Make sure your furry friends can stay cool and hydrated. Cooling units may be the only solution in the summer. This is critical to their well-being.
  4. Quality of Life – If you have a secure backyard, consider a pet entrance into the garage to allow them to meet their needs better. Setup a rest area for your pet. Provide toys, food, water, bathroom pads, etc.
  5. Be Observant – As you use the garage door, always locate your animal before you pull in or back out. Cats will sometimes climb into wheel wells or warm areas of the engine.

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