How to Choose the Right Motor Size for a New Garage Door Opener

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Are you ready to invest in a new garage door opener for your home? Whether your old garage opener is broken or you want to upgrade to something that is newer and more efficient, it is important to learn about your options before jumping to conclusions about the purchase.

Here are a few points that should be considered when choosing a new garage door opener:

  1. Types of Electrical Current: Did you know that garage door openers can be designed with two different types of electrical current? Most openers are designed with Alternating Current (AC), and the strength of the opener is measured in horsepower. On the other hand, some models use Direct Current (DC), which is measured using newton force. AC motors are consistent in speed, while DC motors start slow before increasing in speed and slowing down again.
  2. Size of the Door: It is essential to consider the overall size of the garage door that will be moved with the opener. As a general rule of thumb, a ½ horsepower (or 500 newtons) motor will be plenty for a single garage door. If you have a double garage door, then you will need at least ¾ horsepower (or 700 newtons).
  3. Garage Door Materials: What materials were used for the garage door? Solid wood weighs quite a bit more than lighter aluminum. If the door is heavy, then it is smart to upgrade to a larger motor.
  4. Life of the Motor: Even though a larger garage door opener can be a little more expensive, consider the long-term durability that comes from using a motor that is designed to bear the weight of the door. Cutting corners on the quality of the door opener means that it might only last 7 years. On the other hand, investing in the right garage door opener could result in 15 years of use (or more!).

If you don’t know where to start with the purchase of a new garage door opener, then we invite you to call our team for assistance. We’ll help you compare the most popular products and features, making it easy to find the perfect garage door opener for your needs. Call Precision Garage Doors to learn more about your options for garage door repair, upgrades, or new installation: (888) 388-9036.

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