Does a Broken Garage Door Need to be Replaced or Repaired?

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When a garage door gets damaged or broken, a common question for homeowners to ask is whether it’s better to repair or replace the door. The answer to that question is –it depends. If the cost of the repair is greater than the cost of purchasing and installing a new garage door, then yes, replacement makes sense. If the opposite is true, then no. There are many repairs that can be readily made on garage doors without paying exorbitant amounts to do it.Precision Garage - Does a Broken Garage Door Need to be Replaced or Repaired

Replacement vs. Repair

If you’re still evaluating between repairing and replacing your broken garage door, here are a few things to consider:

  • Surface or Cosmetic Damage: Weather and UV rays from the sun can cause surface damage to your garage door. Any cracks, paint chips, or faded color may not be visually appealing, but these cosmetic degradations shouldn’t affect garage door performance. These issues are usually resolved by repairing the concerns.
  • Structural Issues: If your garage door is damaged by weather or collision, you may find it unfit for daily use. Repair may be possible depending on the damage, age, and type of the door. It also depends on what you want as the end result. If you decide the money you spend on repair would be better spent on paying for a newer, modern garage door, that likely changes how you approach solving the problem.
  • Function Problems: When they are well maintained, garage doors can last for decades. But, over time and repeated use, garage doors will experience regular wear and tear. At some point there comes a time when things are broken or failing more often than not. Repairs may still correct the problems your garage door is experiencing, but if parts are no longer available for the things that need fixing, it may be time to replace.

Professional Assessment

Not sure if you should repair or replace it? Call Precision Garage Doors. Our trained technicians can help you evaluate the condition of your current garage door. Whether repair or replacement is your best option, we’ll help you get the job done right. Call us today to get started: (888) 388-9036.

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