Ceiling Storage: A Great Way to Maximize Space in the Garage

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Home storage can sometimes feel like a luxury, particularly in homes built in previous decades. But, the same can still be true in a modern home as well. If you’ve found yourself running out of storage space, yet needing a bit more, the garage may be a great option. You might think to yourself, “there isn’t any room in the garage!” And while that may be true on the ground, have you looked at the possibility of setting up storage shelving on the ceiling?Precision Garage - Ceiling Storage - A Great Way to Maximize Space in the Garage

Storage From Above

Most garages have a lot of unused head space. Sure, you’ve got to leave room for the garage door to open and close, but it’s frequently an option in a corner toward the front of the garage, or above one of the garage door tracks. People that install a garage ceiling storage space often use it to store seasonal things, such as holiday décor, summer sports equipment, and hobby gear. Other uses include storing containers filled with items that are infrequently accessed, but need to be kept.

DIY vs. Pro Install

There are many ways to set up a ceiling storage system. You can build and install a system yourself, or you can buy a prefabricated system designed for this exact purpose. There are several good online resources provided by ambitious DIY’ers that have figured out how to design and build excellent ceiling organization systems for a good price. Other people have shown how to mount a premade system correctly. You can also hire an outside garage contractor to build and set up a system for you. The question is, what do you want to do?

Measure Your Space

In any case, be sure to do a little homework. Lay a tape measure to the space you might use for ceiling storage. If the garage door track runs close to the area you’re considering, make sure to open the door before measuring so that you avoid incorrect assumptions about clearance.

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