Best Practices for Storing Holiday Décor

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With the holiday season now behind us, all of your festive decorations need to be stored away until next year. But improper packing and storing of fragile décor year after year often results in decorations getting smashed or broken. If you’ve ever experienced the loss of valuable keepsakes, you understand how discouraging it can be. Here are several best practices to help you put away your decorations this year:

Use Shrink WrapPrecision Garage - Best Practices for Storing Holiday Decor

If you don’t want to disassemble and box your artificial tree each year, you can leave it assembled and simply shrink wrap it. This will keep it clean and dust-free in your garage or storage area. Lift the branches skyward and wrap the perimeter of the tree in a semi tightened manner. Use scissors to slice off the wrap next year.

Wrap Lights Using Cardboard

Cut pieces of cardboard into 4 x 8 inch strips. You can wrap your lights around these cardboard strips for quick and tangle free storage. Place all of the wrapped lights into a box for easy access and use next year. This method of storage will also help you to avoid damaging light strands, making them more likely to be useable in the future.

Use Clear Resealable Storage Bags

Ornaments and garland beads can be sorted as they come off the tree and placed into plastic bags that can be sealed and stored. Place these bagged decorations into a box or tote to protect them until next year.

Hanging Storage for Ornaments

For those ornaments that need a bit more protection, you can rig a plastic tote with a few wooden dowel rods mounted near the top of the tote. As you pull ornaments from the tree, you can slip them onto one end of the rod until there is no room left. Then slip the loaded rods into place in the tote and place the lid on it for safekeeping.

Garage Storage Options

Need more storage area in your home? Why not the garage walls or ceiling? If you are interested in a storage system that will safely take advantage of your unused garage space, speak with our professionals at Precision Garage Doors: (888) 388-9036.

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