5 End of Summer Home Maintenance Tips

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With autumn and cooler weather approaching here in California, the seasonal change is a great time to handle some home maintenance tasks.  Here are five things you should consider doing before the transition to wetter weather:

LandscapingPrecision Garage - End of Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Examine your trees and shrubs. If they need trimming or pruning, make sure they get the attention they need at the appropriate time before the growth season ends.  Mulch your plants and bushes before bedding them for winter. Pull and discard any old growth from the flower beds. Make sure your lawn is fed and cared for before the weather is too cold.

Gutters and Roof

Pull out your ladder and safety gear, it’s time to get topside and look at the roof. Replace missing shingles and repair any broken ones. Then do a thorough cleaning of your gutter pans and downspouts. Debris and leaves collect throughout the summer and fall, so keeping them clean will keep water flowing and prevent blockage, rot, and other home damage. While you’re at it, double check that all water drainage is at least 3 to 4 feet from the house to prevent foundational damage.

Heating Unit

If the weather is cool enough this winter, you may need to turn on your heater. Prepare by changing your furnace filter as part of your regular HVAC maintenance. If you haven’t had one in a while, call a professional for a furnace tune-up. This should be done annually. You can also look into buying and installing a smart thermostat to save on utility costs and to help minimize wear and tear on your heating system.

Windows and Doors

Clean your windows while the weather is still comfortable. You’ll be grateful for a clear view and the additional sunlight during the cooler months of winter. It’s a good idea to inspect your windows and doors for proper sealing to make sure the warm air inside your home isn’t escaping. Fall is also a good time to test your garage door’s safety features.

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